Breast Prosthetics

Breast Prosthesis

Post mastectomy care

A breast prosthesis/ breast form is required after a lumpectomy, partial or complete mastectomy. The breast prosthesis is important in providing equal weight distribution to maintain good posture and prevent spinal damage. A breast form also provides a pleasing cosmetic finish.

Initial care
While still undergoing treatment it is recommended that a temporary breast form or Fiberfill is used as over the course of the treatment there is often a size fluctuation. This is made out of a light weight cotton. To provide a suitable cosmetic appearance during treatment.


A breast form is either worn directly against the skin or in a specialised bra. The breast form is made from silicone for a natural feel and anatomical shape and is available in many different shapes and designs for all individual needs.

Specialised bras
The bras are specially designed for a comfortable fit with wider straps and sides to not impact on any scar sites. They also have a pocket that the breast form fits in securely to ensure the breast form stays in place and gives you peace of mind.

Many women have lymph nodes removed as part of their treatment plan. This compromises the lymph drainage which can lead to swelling of some or all of the arm and hand. An arm sleeve is a compression garment used to help prevent and or treat the swelling. There are two main types of arm sleeve namely flat knit and circular knit. Custom made sleeves are also available for the more complicated cases. The type required will be determined once measurements have been taken.

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